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Dream a Little Dream, Part 2

I had another strange dream last night (which I remember in astonishing detail):

I am sitting in the backseat of a taxi cab in downtown Chicago reading ‘Seventeen’ magazine.  While stopped at a red light, the door to the cab opens and in climb Oprah Winfrey and her BFF Gayle King.  Oprah says nothing, but Gayle starts asking me about the magazine I am reading.  I tell her I am reading ‘Seventeen’ and she starts saying how she loves that magazine because of the in-depth articles about issues important to women (HA!).

The cab pulls up to my destination – the apartment building where (in my dream) my friend Susan lives.  Oprah and Gayle follow me to Susan’s apartment. Susan is not home but I have a key.  Oprah and Gayle take a seat on the couch in the living room.  I go into the kitchen and start looking for something.  Susan walks in (through a different front door) and is not at all surprised to see me standing in her kitchen.  She begins to tell me about her doctor’s appointment that morning where she had her lung capacity tested.

I tell her that Oprah Winfrey is in her living room.  Thinking I said that Oprah is on in her living room she asks me about the topic of the show.  I explain that no, Oprah Winfrey is actually in her living room.  Susan laughs and looks at me like I am crazy.  I take Susan by the shoulders and lead her into the living room so she can see that Oprah and Gayle are chatting on her couch.  Susan is stunned, but introduces herself and they make small talk for a few minutes.

It is time for Oprah, Gayle, and I to leave so we head out into the hallway.  All of a sudden, my husband appears and tells me to put out my hand so Oprah can shake my hand.  I put out my hand and Oprah puts a handful of assorted pills into my hand.  I ask if any of them are Xanax.  Oprah gives a strange laugh.  She and Gayle get back in the elevator, leaving my husband and I standing in the hallway.

Then, I wake up- utterly confused.

Interpretation time- any takers?


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