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Junk Drawer Wars

Junk Drawer Wars

 Everybody has one- a drawer (probably in the kitchen) that houses a combination of useful stuff (scissors, pens, tape, etc.) alongside the random crap (old wine corks, business cards that you MIGHT need someday, concert ticket stubs, etc.), that you just can’t bring yourself to throw away.

Some people have very organized junk drawers.  Complete with sectioned off areas for each item (paper clips here, pencils there), their drawers really do not deserve to have ‘junk’ in their title. Our junk drawer, however, was threatening to take over our house.  The paperclips were joining with the safety pins in solidarity.  The scissors were refusing to cut on the grounds of poor living conditions.  The drawer was overflowing with ,well, what exactly WAS in there?  I decided to find out.

Our junk drawer- the 'before' picture.

I took the drawer over to my dining room table and started making piles by categories such as:

  • Things that have “bands” in the name (rubber bands (including 4 that used to hold bunches of asparagus together), silly bands, and hair bands).

hair bands & silly bands & rubber bands- Oh My!

  • Products that fasten one item to another item (i.e. paper clips, safety pins, staples, binder clips, tape, Velcro).


  • Items that my children use to draw where they are not supposed to (100+ pens & pencils, markers, and crayons).
  • Everything else.

Here’s what falls under everything else:

A sandwich baggie containing a driedel and 8 skittles;

7 paint brushes;

2 bobby pins;

3 hair clips;

2 wood spacers, 4 wooden dowels;

A handful of assorted screws, bolts, brackets, nails, etc.;

3 business cards (one of which I have actually been looking for);

2 chuck E. Cheese tokens;

2 tokens for use at an unknown location;

58 cents in pennies, nickels, and dimes;

1 seatbelt clip for a car seat we no longer own;

2 pencil cushions;

1 eyeglass repair kit, plus 1 arm to a broken pair of glasses (actual glasses MIA);

1 ear plug;

1 toddler cabinet lock (in spite of no longer having any toddlers);

1 nail file;

2 jar openers;

A ‘void’ stamp;

You can't make this stuff up.

An office name tag for the job I left in 2006;

1 calculator;

1 key chain, 1 key to an unknown lock, 1 small lock with keys attached;

1 small plastic pig;

1 Piglet stamp;

4 marbles;

A handful of twist ties;

2 dirty birthday candles;

A piece of a wind chime;

A Wrigley Field opening day Harry Caray memorial pin from 1998;

R.I.P. Harry Caray

5 pairs of scissors;

6 plug protectors (to keep my kids from electrocuting themselves- totally helpful while in the drawer);

1 laser pointer;

4 tubes of lip balm (assorted flavors);

2 pads of post it notes;

1 pedometer (broken);

3 “sun-catcher” crafts completed by my kids but which have clearly not been catching ANY sun;

20 random pieces of plastic (yeah, I have no idea);

Your guess is as good as mine.

1 wedding favor picture frame;

1 memory card from 3 cameras ago that no longer fits in any device we own;

2 white out pens;

1 packet of sleeping pills (note the expiration date)

2 flash drives;

8 (yes, 8) pencil sharpeners;

1 lonely cough drop;

1 golf tee;

1 tape measure;

1 stain remover stick;

A handful of random stickers;

1 tube of glue;

3 Webkinz tags (Perhaps I took their instructions to “Do Not Throw Out This Tag” too seriously?).  My kids haven’t logged onto a Webkinz account in 2 years

2 empty ink cartridges that I was really intending to recycle;

A Weight Watchers point finder from 2000 (the program hasn’t changed since then, right?);

1 tube of ‘After Bite’ itch eraser and;

3 metro ‘Smart Trip’ cards- balances unknown…

Pretty scary, right?  But don’t go calling ‘Hoarders’ quite yet.  You’ll be pleased to hear I threw half of that stuff away.

Our junk drawer- 'After.' Note my handy dandy use of snack size resealable baggies in lieu of a fancy organizer.

And, I relocated other items to different overflowing drawers (that reminds me, I need to go through my arts and craft supplies).  I am now the proud owner of one organized drawer.

So, what’s in your junk drawer?  It couldn’t possibly be worse than mine- or could it?  Inquiring minds want to know!!


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5 thoughts on “Junk Drawer Wars

  1. Christi on said:

    I always have rubber bands, coasters and lighters in mine.

  2. Well, I had a nice surprise in my drawer: over 350 dollars worth of coins plus some bills. I mean, I knew there were coins in there (and the drawer was really heavy to open) but still, 350 dollars. That’s about ten times what I expected. I put all the coins in a plastic bag and took them to my local supermarket where you can pay using a coin machine. Figured I’d just pay with coins for a while. But the cashier said that I could put all my coins in the machine and get bills back. When the machine jammed and they had to open it up, he shifted the growing line of people to the other register. Then when the machine was full he shifted the line back to the original register so I could fill up the second machine. Which I did. It did turn out, though, that I was four days too late to get anything for my lowest denomination coins. They had become worthless. The lowest denomination coin used to be 1 øre. When I was a kid it was 5 øre. Now it’s 50 øre. Of course, a common price is still 99.95 (which is, in fact, what you’ll pay if you pay with a card). Now I’m not sure what to do with all my 25 øre coins. Maybe put them back in the drawer. The next day I asked if there had been any problems with my filling the machines. Well, yes, no one else could pay with coins the rest of the day; I had been there in the morning. Also about 50 pens.

    • Tine, that is too funny!! Do you have “Coinstar” machines over there? They have them here in some of the supermarkets and banks. You just put your coins in and it gives you a receipt to bring up to the customer desk where they give you bills.

      • No, I haven’t seen one. It’s just when you pay. It also spits out your change. I remember in the US having to put coins into those little rolls before exchanging them.

        I like your blog 🙂

  3. hahahahaha…void stamp.

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