Looking at life through orange colored glasses…

Welcome to The Orange Inkblot!

I started this blog in 2012 when I had some down time following surgery to repair a tear in the meniscus in my right knee.  According to the surgeon, it was going to be a simple procedure and I would walk out of the recovery room with no assistance required. It turned out to be a little more complicated than that, and the first words I remember hearing while coming out of the anesthesia were, “she is not allowed to put any weight on her right foot for 30 days.”

Being on a short leash gave me a chance to sit and write. I started by writing down funny memories from my childhood.  After a while, my parents got tired of me writing about them (sorry mom and dad) which challenged me to dig a little deeper and reflect on the state of the world as I see it.  That’s really what this blog is- my thoughts about life and how I want to put myself out into the world.  It has evolved as I have evolved but it has remained honest, heartfelt, and authentically me.

Welcome to the Orange Inkblot!  Make yourself at home.


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One thought on “Welcome to The Orange Inkblot!

  1. kvetchmom on said:

    I hope your healing process is going well so far! There’s nothing like enforced down time to make a person think. Your blog is great! I hope you’re hanging in there.

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