Looking at life through orange colored glasses…

Welcome to The Orange Inkblot!

Sometimes, when we get too focused on how life is hard and times are tough, we forget that life is also quite funny. This is important because it is the laughter that gets us through the dark times and brings light back into our lives. When I plunged into stay at home parenting six years ago, I quickly realized that finding the humor in situations that were otherwise exhausting, frustrating, or outright disgusting, was a definite prerequisite for the job.

Earlier this year, I had to have knee surgery due to a tear in the meniscus. According to the surgeon, it was a simple procedure and I would walk out of the recovery room with no required assistance. It turned out to be a little more complicated than that, and the first words I remember hearing while coming out of the anesthesia were, “she is not allowed to put any weight on her right foot for 30 days.” Decidedly not funny.

Being on a short leash gave me a chance to sit and write- a luxury these days. I began writing down funny memories from my childhood (stories that were not all so funny while they were happening, but looking back I can appreciate the humor in them); funny conversations that took place between myself and my husband; or interesting ideas for books or blog entries. Now, six months following surgery, physical therapy, and recovery, I am finally ready to share some of these tidbits with the world.

I can’t promise how regularly I will be posting. After all, I have otherwise exhausting, frustrating, and outright disgusting things to deal with.


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One thought on “Welcome to The Orange Inkblot!

  1. kvetchmom on said:

    I hope your healing process is going well so far! There’s nothing like enforced down time to make a person think. Your blog is great! I hope you’re hanging in there.

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